Klatt Conveyor Systems

Durable Efficient Fast

Durability: A result of highest quality requirements

Only the best materials, clearly defined processes, structured pre-assembly procedures, precise assembly, standardized service and maintenance intervals are what give you what you expected.

Efficiency: A result of reliability and experience

Stronger sections, more robust connection parts, tougher components, projects specifically designed to customer specifications, optimized layouts, reliable technology, and future-oriented planning will guarantee that your system is working reliably from the very beginning and will do so for many, many years to come.

Speed: A result of flexibility and responsible decision-making

Short administrative channels, direct contacts, project leaders who assume total responsibility for their projects, productive project teams working with an eye towards each and every single project variable, and perfect processes will give your project the highest possible level of attention.

Durability and efficiency, both related to each other, and speed in combination with flexible implementation of customer needs are the most convincing criteria our customers are looking for when they decide to go with KLATT products.


KLATT – because it’s a great feeling.