Accumulation roller conveyors are used for moving and accumulating goods on a horizontal conveyor section. The backup conveyor allows for zero-pressure joining of the goods to be moved. This is especially important in buffer zones and backup-prone zones.

Light sensors are placed in between the rollers for the purpose of controlling each individual segment. Segments that are moving goods cause deactivation of the following system for collision avoidance. Only those segments remain active that are currently in use. This creates a highly energy-efficient system and allows for a simple combination of curved roller conveyors and accumulation roller conveyors.

For maximum stability, base frames and the transverse parts are made from extruded aluminum with a thickness of 4 mm and then bolted together for maximum stability. Lateral guide profiles can be either integrated or mounted in form of an additional guide on top of the system (needed e.g. for conical containers). The belt’s running surface is made of galvanized sheet steel.

Thanks to vertically adjustable supports, accumulation roller converters can be adapted to any kind of building requirements or adjacent conveyors.

All pull-in points are safeguarded according to the European Machinery Directive as well as all other applicable European norms and standards.