Curved roller conveyors have their own drives and are used to change the moving direction of goods. Conic rollers create a compensation for the difference in speed between inside and outside curves, allowing for goods to be moved on a steady track. Backups in the curves are made possible through zero-pressure joining of goods.

Light sensors are placed in between the rollers for the purpose of controlling each individual segment. Segments that are moving goods result in deactivation of the following system for collision avoidance. Only those segments remain active that are currently in use. This creates a highly energy-efficient system and allows for a simple combination of curved roller conveyors and accumulation roller conveyors.

Thanks to vertically adjustable supports, gates can be adapted to any kind of building requirements or adjacent conveyors.

All pull-in points are safeguarded according to the European Machinery Directive as well as all other applicable European norms and standards.