Strap offsets are used when the goods to be moved are supposed to be diverted to a parallel running conveyor system (left, right). The parallel tracks can be running either in the same or in the opposite direction. Strap offsets allow for an extremely smooth and noise-reduced transfer of goods.

When diverting out of the conveyor section, the goods are stopped by a light barrier on the strap offset. The strap offset’s hoist now lifts the goods over the top edge of the rollers. Via the attached belt the goods are then moved out to the parallel conveyor and gently set down.

To ensure maximum stability, base frames and transverse parts are made from extruded aluminum with a thickness of 4 mm and then bolted together for maximum stability. Lateral guide profiles can be either integrated or mounted in form of an additional guide on top of the system (needed e.g. for conical containers).

Thanks to vertically adjustable supports, gates can be adapted to any kind of building requirements or adjacent conveyors.

All pull-in points are safeguarded according to the European Machinery Directive as well as all other applicable European norms and standards.