Traversing carriages with container conveyors


Traversing carriages are used to move containers to more than one of different conveyor sections. The conveyor tracks are on the same level and run parallel to each other. Motor-wise, traversing carriages are by far more powerful than container deflectors. They can be either fully self-propelled or pulled by toothed belts.

Traversing carriage systems consist of a container conveyor on tracks that is mounted on the floor and transversely pulled to the main track by means of a toothed belt. The drive is located directly on top of the traversing carriage. A frequency-controlled drive engine directly turns the shaft. Power supply is provided via an energy chain or a conductor line. Upon request, one or two roller container conveyors are mounted on the carriage unit. Special noise-reduced wheels provide smooth running. If required, the tracks can be installed in the floor.

All pull-in points are safeguarded according to the European Machinery Directive as well as all other applicable European norms and standards.