Container conveyors allow for moving materials within a hospital in a more cost-efficient and automated way. They are used for horizontally moving laundry, meal and other general containers needed for patient care in a hospital. Often, container conveyors are used in buffer zones, e.g., outside or behind the kitchen, the laundry department, the container washing unit, or the wards themselves. Triple-slot container conveyors allow for moving three containers on one belt at the same time, which help saves costs and energy.

The conveyors are driven by toothed belts. Our special design and engineering allows for noise levels to not exceed 55 decibels. The container conveyors can be operated on either one or both sides of the unit. The toothed-belt drive is low-maintenance and clean. These container conveyor systems were designed specifically with hospitals in mind. They are cost-saving and meet all applicable hygiene standards and regulations.

All pull-in points are safeguarded according to the European Machinery Directive as well as all other applicable European norms and standards.