KLATT pallet conveyor systems

Efficiency along the entire line

KLATT pallet conveyor systems are made precisely to your needs and specifications, especially when they depart from usual standards or require individual adaptation such as particularly large conveyor sections, higher weight limits, increased safety standards, unusual temperature levels or special sector-specific requirements. You want to be sure that the goods you need to move will be moved reliably time and time again and under all circumstances.

The biggest potential of an efficient pallet conveyor system lies in its overall engineering and design. The best possible layout, perfect conveyor technology as well as efficient project and assembly teams need to make sure that your system is delivered on time and will run to your satisfaction for many years to come. Not only will we look at your current situation but we will integrate your future needs into today’s system. Lower costs for your future and to your benefit!

Optimizing all our procedures and projects helps us work in an energy-efficient manner and design your system with cost-efficient drive engineering. All this, in combination with perfectly coordinated maintenance and service packages, will contribute to lowest possible costs. 

Our pallet conveyor systems can be used for any loading device such as euro-pallets industrial pallets, chemical pallets, grid boxes, CHEP pallets, Düsseldorf pallets, EMA pallets or any other loading container your company might use.

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