Klatt stands for quality without compromise

KLATT is dedicated to the introducing, maintaining and continuously developing QM-systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2008.

For this reason the following principles are mandatory within the entire company: 


Our standard is 100 per cent customer satisfaction and this is why our focus is on the highest levels of expertise and product quality. We strive to completely understand our customers‘ expectations and specifications, achieve conformity regarding the quality of the materials to be used and to deliver what we promise in each and every instance.


Our extremely qualified employees enjoy teamwork. However, a high level of their individual sense of responsibility also ensures as much continuous improvement in terms of quality as possible. All of our employees contribute their support and cooperation in a decisive way. We, in return, give them our support by providing all the necessary information and training.


We are fully dedicated to protecting our employees from any kind of health hazards.


We maintain high levels of quality while at the same time taking cost-effectiveness through efficiency into consideration at all times. Our motto is that problem prevention needs to come before fixing problems. We strive to convince our customers of our products’ quality while offering attractive and competitive prices.

Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment and safeguarding resources is a company standard.

Continuous Improvement Processes

Focusing on quality is part and parcel of all of business decisions. We are convinced that only continuous improvement in cooperation with our customers and suppliers are the permanent basis for growing as a company. Careful selection of our suppliers and working together cooperatively is the only way to get high-quality products.