Zurich Airport - Conveyor equipment "on the hook"

Further conveyor technology elements were delivered to the new terminal of Zurich airport in a spectacular action which involved a crane unloading the equipment from trucks and positioning it directly to the respective level of the new Check-In area.

This action significates the starting signal for the third and final construction phase at Zurich airport, where in total 52 new Check-In conveyors will be installed.


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KLATT sponsors AWT-workshop

The automated goods conveyor ropes (AWT) in hospitals are used for complete supply and waste management of goods of daily use, such as medicines, food, operation materials, waste materials, laundry etc.
These conveyor systems are essential in the hospital business for more than 15 years now. In order to improve the system also the automation technology takes huge steps forward.
KLATT delivers special conveyor systems for hospitals and takes over complete design, project management and realisation of steel constructions, conveyor systems and FTS, up to the control system.
KLATT is now sponsor of AWT-workshop, an organization, which leads and forces workshops and convention-platforms about ongoing technical progresses in this business.


DHL Express in Peggau/Austria - "go live" September 2014

DHL Express Austria consolidates their service centers in Styria "Werndorf" and "St. Michael" by opening their new, modern distribution plant in "Peggau". With 100 employees and 65 tours per day this new plant started operating express shipments all over the world with beginning of September.

KLATT was able to realise in a minimum delivery time a parcel conveyor system which allows a performance of 4000 parcels per hour.


Modification of multi-stage, fully automatic baggage control system at Stuttgart airport

In order to meet EU standards for new x-ray technology for explosives detection at Stuttgart airport had to change their x-ray machines. An all new, up-to-date x-ray technology was integrated to make sure that new explosives in case of terror can be detected. KLATT as general contractor delivered the conveyor system as well as the complete steel construction, which was also produced by KLATT, due to much higher weight of the new x-ray machines generation. Furthermore the control system including the connection to the airports control system was part of the scope.

Eight "old" x-ray machines were replaced by five new, so called "combined devices". The modification was diveded into 8 commissioning-steps in order to guarantee to ongoing operation at the airport without disturbances and interruptions.


Klatt realises expansion of Posten in Oslo

As part of the expansion of the logistic plant of Posten in Oslo KLATT belt conveyor and roller conveyor systems are integrated through the system integrator Crisplant, part of BEUMER Group.
The project significates a further milestone in the relationship between Klatt and Crisplant. The scope of delivery contains approx. 1000 meter conveyor systems including vertical sorter. The modification is carried out during ongoing operations and is to be completed by mid of 2015.


First 52 Check-In counters started to operate at Zurich airport

The first part of in total 104 ordered 3-part check-in conveyors started operation in time.

This project already started in 2011 by setting up a temporary arrangement at Terminal 2 in 2012, in order to
guarantee a modification of the Check-in counters without interrupting the operation.

KLATT conveyor dynamics supplied by order of the general contractor Beumer the complete conveyor mechanics
as well as the controls.

The modifications will be continued in February 2015 with the completion of the remaining 52 check-in counters.
The overall new terminal is supposed to be inaugurated in autumn 2015 and will significate maximum comfort for passengers at Zurich airport.


Airport Project: Integrating New X-Ray Machines

What made this project at the Stuttgart airport extra special (on top of its extremely short implementation phase) was the need for cooperation between several different companies. Revamping and reconstruction of the conveyor system was completed together with a steel manufacturing company and coordinated with the X-ray manufacturing and control technology manufacturing company.


Roller Container Conveyor Systems for New Logistics Center

Roller containers at the new logistics center of the county hospital at St. Pölten, Lower Austria are now moved to their designated locations in a highly efficient manner by KLATT conveyor systems. Again, KLATT was able to assert itself against competitors – again more proof of KLATT’s outstanding competency in the field of hospital conveyor systems.


Logistics Center Revamping

KLATT is in charge of revamping 12 storage and retrieval units for Volkswagen OTLG. The project includes automated integration of the conveyor system into a new safety concept. Retrofitting will take place within a pre-defined time frame with no interruption of ongoing operations.



Revamping European Logistics Center

KLATT is the general contractor for retrofitting a leading European company’s logistics center – a high-bay warehouse with over 13,000 pallet slots. For fire safety reasons the warehouse will be built as an oxygen-reduced facility with full automated feed via driverless transport systems and automated guided vehicles.


Oxygen-Reduced High Bay Warehouse

Acting as general contractor, KLATT is providing a high-bay warehouse with 5,361 pallet slots for Takeda Pharmaceuticals. For fire safety reasons the entire warehouse will be designed as an oxygen-reduced facility. The biggest challenge is to provide seamless integration of the system while maintaining full operation of the production facility.


Container Conveyor System

In order to establish future logistics viability, KLATT is providing a high-efficiency container  conveyor system for J. Wagner GmbH, a growing business in the line of surface coating machinery and supply for varnish and powder coating, paints as well as other liquid materials.