Production and pre-assembly

Optimized for you

All production processes as related to our conveyor technology and systems are geared towards one goal: Your satisfaction.

Right out of design, the individual components are ordered according to schedule and prepared for shipping.

Individual components such as laser-cut parts and edge parts, turned and milled parts for sections, but also coating jobs, are manufactures by long-standing partner companies. Each single part of our conveyor systems is manufactured according to high-precision standards.

After incoming goods are inspected, welding is done at our state-of-the-art production facility. This way we can guarantee consistent quality of welding seams and shape.

Pre-assembly as well as our comprehensive functional tests are performed in the assembly hall. After acceptance tests and outgoing inspection, our systems are then shipped to our customers’ facilities for final assembly.

This way we can keep track of product quality at any given time.

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